We Moved!

The last week and a half has been busy, to say the least. We recently moved our studio space (along with the rest of our things) to another part of town that we find works much better! Large sunny windows and high ceilings are a must have for this creative being and I simply can’t be without them for our next move…whenever that is.

I have steadily plowed away at boxes and cleared the space for my future creative pursuits so I believe now is a good time to be reflective on my recent move and share what worked for me when moving my studio space:

    • If you’re like me, you probably have tons of work related stuff that has simply taken over your work space (and other areas of your home). This is the time to be brutally honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “Do I need this?”. “Have I used this recently?” “Can I eliminate the need for this item if I do things a different way?”
    • Be honest and don’t just hold onto things because you paid for it. Whether acquired, purchased or donated…junk is junk. Don’t get stuck moving a heavy box of things you never use. Toss it!
  • Start Early.
    • Start purging and pack the non essentials early. I have moved so many times so believe me when I say that time seems to disappear the closer you get to your moving day. Use it while you have it!
    • I like to take my time while I purge and really go through everything so I start a month early however, for those who like to move quicker, starting a week or two prior to moving day will still be a huge help.
  • Labels Are Your Friends.
    • I went a little “label happy” this time around and I labeled every single box that went on that moving truck. EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. It actually made me feel pretty good! I felt in control and super organized. My label obsession really paid off when we had an unforeseen “brouhaha” with the rental truck company. When we finally got our truck ( 4 hours late, mind you) we ended up just tossing everything in the back as quickly as possible so we wouldn’t miss our other scheduled appointments that day ( cable, furniture delivery, etc). Long story short…while wading through a sea of boxes in our new place, I could easily identify each box, it’s content and where it should. I was able to unpack everything  within 24 hrs and 85% of our things were in their designated space within that time. Note: This is also due to the fact that I purged unnecessary items so everything I moved already had a purpose and place.
    • Here’s how I labeled:
      • 2×4 white labels with the name of the room the box should go in. Type this in ALL CAPS so its easy to read.
        • The contents of the box can be handwritten under the room name.
      • Pink (or bright color) paper with the word “Heavy” typed on it to indicate heavy boxes ( this will help when loading and unloading, trust me!) Adhere to box with clear packing tape.
      • Fragile stickers ( your “breakables” will thank you.) BTW, you can make these yourself like the “Heavy” labels. Adhere to box with clear packing tape.
      • Place ALL labels on the same side of the box for EVERY box. This will keep things organized and easy to locate because all information for each box is located in the same place. No more turning boxes over or bending over boxes trying to find the illegible labels.

Well there it is! I hope these suggestions help and feel free to tweak it and use what works best for you.

‘Til next time,


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