Hello 2017!

I am over joyed to be launching our new website LittleHawthorne.com!

It has been along time coming and I couldn’t be more excited that we get to share a more authentic and focused version of ourselves with the world through our website and this blog. Here you will find:

  • Behind the scenes drama (drama, being the day to day stuff done to keep this thing up and running.)
  • Little jewels of wisdom (One step forward for you requires you to reach back and help another.)
  • A few random moments that will uplift, inspire or just make you think.

Maintaining a website and business are both ongoing projects that never seem to end but are very rewarding, so bare with us as we make adjustments to our site to better fit the evolving needs of our customers and stick around to help us mold this into something fun, informative and authentic.

‘Til next time!

– Kimberly



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